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Fire destroys part of historic shipyard Batavia in Lelystad


Last night fire has destroyed parts of the shipyard the Batavia in Lelystad. Luckily the replica’s of the famous VOC ship The Batavia was not involved. ‘De Zeven Provinciën’ , another  17th century Dutch warship still under construction in the dock, was only slightly damaged. However the sail-factory and parts of the construction shed are destroyed. The sails of the Batavia which were stored in the factory are lost. The Batavia dockyard is situated next to the building of the RACM maritime facility.
The original Batavia was a VOC ship which was built in Amsterdam in 1628. On her first voyage to the Dutch East Indies she was wrecked on a reef  of the Australian West coast in 1629. The wreckplace of the Batavia lies on present Beacon Island.

The Batavia in Sydney in 2000

Fire at the Batavia shipyard (picture ANP)

"De Zeven Provinciën in the dock (picture Bataviawerf)

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